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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Meet Sugar Pink Boutique

 Jennifer Patterson owner Sugar Pink Boutique

I love decorating and designing and I studied Interior Design in high school and college. I started rearranging furniture and picking out colors for my room at the age of three.

I decorate family members homes when they ask me.  I just can't resist, it's so much fun. I really enjoy working with fabrics and trims. I love traditional style and that is how I designed our home when we built it a few years ago. I do have a girlie frou frou room and that's my studio with pinks, blues and candy color designs.
 I worked at my Dad's bookstore for over 20 years and decided I wanted to do something different. I knew I wanted to work from home so I could have time to do my favorite things cook, garden, clean the house and decorate. I wanted to do something I really enjoyed. I have always loved crafting ever since I was a child. I hand painted furniture, made pillows, aprons and did a lot of scrapbooking, but being an Interior Design major my favorite thing was fabric. I love the touch and feel of fabrics, trims, ribbons and things. 

My dear husband encouraged me to open my own website and after lots of prayer and what ifs later I finally did. I gave it to the Lord and put Him in charge of my business. I prayed before every move and He guided me down a successful path. I had no idea what He had planned for me.  If I new then what I know now I would have started this business a long time ago. 

This business has given me the opportunity to meet so many amazing women and do things I never thought possible from being in magazines and television to discovering I had a talent for photography. At some point in ones life I feel it's important to use the gifts the Lord gave you. Don't just say "Oh I could never do that and stay in your comfort zone." 
I love the famous quote  
"As we grow older, it's not the things we did that we often regret, but the things we didn't do."

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