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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Meet a Fiber Artist!

 Meet Author and Fiber Artist, Nan Loncharich

Since the 18th century, people have cut long, narrow strips from tattered wool clothing, and looped them through heavy burlap from coffee and grain bags to make hooked rugs. It's part of this country's heritage.

Nan's parents grew up during the Depression and the family continued this tradition by re-purposing clothing for rags and braided rugs. Rolling fabric strips into balls kept Nan busy and happy during evenings before the invention of television. Later, she learned how to crochet and knit with the sound of the TV in the background.

Now, her favorite pastime continues to be making something with her hands. Rather than using a tiny quilting needle for hand-stitched quilts, she feels her hands are better suited to grasping a thick rug hook. And, since hooked rugs are regarded as primitive, Nan loves that she can create informal designs without getting corners perfectly straight!

Nan started creating flowers five years ago shortly after joining a group of rug hookers in southwestern PA. You can hook a flower in 15 minutes -- compared to a rug which may take years! She enjoys adapting various techniques in creative ways, and loves using frayed edges, selecting contrasting colors, spontaneously cutting shapes.

Nan even dyes her own wool, which she buys as old clothing from resale shops and repurposes in wonderful new ways.

Nan shares her marvelous techniques in her very first book, Making Flowers from Wool, published in 2011 by Stackpole Books. It is available, along with a variety of her flowers and hand-dyed wool strips for your own flower-making, at

You can also view Nan's video, “Making a Simple Flower Pin”, on her blog, Fancy Wool Flowers.
 Written by Cia Williford; Artist and Author. Briarwood Studio - The Art of Cia Williford

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Follow Your Rainbow

Its been a rainy day here in So Cal., the perfect weather for curling up with
 a good book and hot chocolate.
This is the hillside across from my house, I love the way the 
evening sunset casts is golden glow on it.

So I was driving home from shuttling the kids around and saw this beautiful rainbow. I was driving straight towards it and for one magical moment I was lost in childhood memories of chasing rainbows. I can remember riding my bicycle and really believing that somehow I could catch it. 

I remembered the joy and excitement of the chase.
And then there was dissapoinment
until the next time it rained and I would try all over again.

My friends, as you know I want my blog to encourage you and 
inspire you to chase your dreams.

DREAMS unlike rainbows can be chased and can be caught.
As you start on that journey of pursuing your dreams stop and ask yourself, "What am I chasing? Is it worth catching? Will I be satisfied once I have it or longing for something else? What do I need to let go of in order to catch my rainbow?"

Only You can answer those questions. Only You can define what your dream 
looks like when attained.
My sweet friends I wish you days filled with magical rainbows.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Tara Wilson of LuluMax

Launch Your Creativity is proud to welcome Tara Wilson to our guest speaker lineup at the April 21st event! Tara will be covering  your "Small Business Legal Checklist" a must
if you are considering starting a business.

The love of art has been a constant in the life of Tara Wilson. As a young girl she frequented the bead shops in Laguna Beach and often spent her allowance on something sparkly and shiny she found there. Her early jewelry pieces were simple strung necklaces and head-pin earrings. College introduced her to the world of 3 dimensional design, sculpture and painting. Tara could not quite figure out how to pay the bills creating crazy sculptures out of found objects so she earned her degree in business. Art took a back burner as she continued on to graduate school for business and finally law school. After 12 years as an attorney her creative side was badly neglected.

Tara was shopping for that perfect necklace for an outfit and just couldn't find the one that spoke to her. After deciding to make one she popped into Garden of Beaden in Upland and was inspired by Irene Sanchez to make something more elaborate than she usually did. A love of jewelry was reborn and the hunt for cool beads and vintage jewelry was on! After taking an amazing soldering class with Robin Dudley Howes, the creative side was back with a vengeance. With the new techniques learned, Tara was able to combine her love of all things rhinestone and vintage with mixed media art jewelry. With a nod to her two Chihuahuas, Lulu and Max, the brand Lulu Max was born! Tara now works in jewelry full time and is teaching several classes. Tara has been published in Belle Armoire Jewelry and her jewelry is carried in several boutiques around the country.

Her web site is and her Etsy store is