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Monday, October 20, 2014

A Tiny Seed

A very, very tiny seed...

 You've heard the verse that goes with the tiny mustard seed, right? "...If you have faith as small as a mustard seed"... 
Luke 17:6
I was pondering this the other day and realized I'd heard that verse all my life but had never looked at a mustard seed.So, of course I Googled it(Google knows everything). 
Then I thought what does it turn into, as in how big? 
Wild mustard growing in Galilee.
Mustard tree. Photo:unknown
I pondered it a bit more. It seems to me that dreams are like mustard seeds.When I had the idea to start Pansy Cottage & Garden it was just a little dream but I had a vision for what it could be and within a few years my line went all the way to Dubai(I had to look it up on the map, it's far!). My point is this, you never know what will happen when you decide to plant your dreams. Are you willing to live wondering or are you willing to start? The next Launch Your Creativity event is Friday, November 7th @6:00pm. You'll learn new skills to implement into your business plan such as using social media effectively and branding yourself, meet new friends, have yummy desserts and be inspired for $45! 
What do you have to lose?
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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Need tools?

Every Launch Your Creativity Event has new speakers that bring fresh tools for you to utilize in your  business and personal life. This November 7th, Martha Karelius and Kara Noel Lawson will bring social media strategies, branding ideas and a big dose of you can do it! They will share from their hearts what works and what doesn't!

And the amazing thing is, its only $45! Register HERE

Friday, October 10, 2014

Coffee, Eggs and You!

I sat across the table from my dear friends Lidy and Cheryl(you know them well from LYC and the "Truth Over Tea" videos) as we sipped coffee and poked at plates of eggs and toast we talked about our dreams; dreams for our businesses and dreams for our personal growth. One common thread that unites our hearts is we want more than anything to encourage you and for you to know how important your dreams are. They are attainable, we are living proof. If you are like us, you've sat wondering how things could be different if you weren't afraid to take a leap of faith. On that note I invite you to take a leap of faith and join us for an evening of encouraging and teaching you THAT YOU REALLY CAN DO THAT THING THAT MAKES YOUR HEART SING. You have nothing to lose evening & $45 bucks(but dessert & hors d' oeuvres will cure that). A beautiful venue at Paris In A Cup that's to die for and filled with feminine touches awaits you as well as new friends and a fresh new vision!

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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Ready to Rock?

Rock Your Life! Your business life that is. 
*Need strategies? Got it!
*Need Social media tips? Got it!
*Need encouragement and Inspiration? Got it!
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