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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Mini Launch Soiree Success

I can't begin to tell you what Launch Your Creativity has meant to me. Since its inception 4 years ago it has been an amazing ride that has literally blown my mind. I've had the pleasure of meeting amazing, creative women from all walks of life. Not just the speakers, but women that come and share their hopes and dreams. Last Friday night was another evening that pulled at the strings of my heart. As the guests arrived and got settled there was a buzz in the air of eagerness to learn new things. We went around the room and each guest shared her heart's desire. A common thread was woven among us. There's something amazing about coming together, each of us unique with talents just waiting to be discovered and shared. 

I Believe...
I Believe in you.
I Believe in dreams.
I Believe in the power of coming together and supporting each other.
I Believe you will do what you commit to do.

These "Believe" ornaments were given to each guest from Cheryl Turner, owner of Paris In A Cup Tea Salon. She Believes too!
Kara Noel Lawson, Lidy Baars, Martha Karelius, Sharon Hughes, Cheryl Turner

A huge thank you to my fabulous speakers and partners in crime! I am so fortunate to have these beautiful women give so freely of their hearts and time to encourage others. It is a huge gift and I am so grateful to them and to you. 


Monday, October 20, 2014

A Tiny Seed

A very, very tiny seed...

 You've heard the verse that goes with the tiny mustard seed, right? "...If you have faith as small as a mustard seed"... 
Luke 17:6
I was pondering this the other day and realized I'd heard that verse all my life but had never looked at a mustard seed.So, of course I Googled it(Google knows everything). 
Then I thought what does it turn into, as in how big? 
Wild mustard growing in Galilee.
Mustard tree. Photo:unknown
I pondered it a bit more. It seems to me that dreams are like mustard seeds.When I had the idea to start Pansy Cottage & Garden it was just a little dream but I had a vision for what it could be and within a few years my line went all the way to Dubai(I had to look it up on the map, it's far!). My point is this, you never know what will happen when you decide to plant your dreams. Are you willing to live wondering or are you willing to start? The next Launch Your Creativity event is Friday, November 7th @6:00pm. You'll learn new skills to implement into your business plan such as using social media effectively and branding yourself, meet new friends, have yummy desserts and be inspired for $45! 
What do you have to lose?
Register HERE

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Need tools?

Every Launch Your Creativity Event has new speakers that bring fresh tools for you to utilize in your  business and personal life. This November 7th, Martha Karelius and Kara Noel Lawson will bring social media strategies, branding ideas and a big dose of you can do it! They will share from their hearts what works and what doesn't!

And the amazing thing is, its only $45! Register HERE

Friday, October 10, 2014

Coffee, Eggs and You!

I sat across the table from my dear friends Lidy and Cheryl(you know them well from LYC and the "Truth Over Tea" videos) as we sipped coffee and poked at plates of eggs and toast we talked about our dreams; dreams for our businesses and dreams for our personal growth. One common thread that unites our hearts is we want more than anything to encourage you and for you to know how important your dreams are. They are attainable, we are living proof. If you are like us, you've sat wondering how things could be different if you weren't afraid to take a leap of faith. On that note I invite you to take a leap of faith and join us for an evening of encouraging and teaching you THAT YOU REALLY CAN DO THAT THING THAT MAKES YOUR HEART SING. You have nothing to lose evening & $45 bucks(but dessert & hors d' oeuvres will cure that). A beautiful venue at Paris In A Cup that's to die for and filled with feminine touches awaits you as well as new friends and a fresh new vision!

Register HERE

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Ready to Rock?

Rock Your Life! Your business life that is. 
*Need strategies? Got it!
*Need Social media tips? Got it!
*Need encouragement and Inspiration? Got it!
Come to the Mini Launch Soiree and learn how to get your business in motion! REGISTER HERE

Monday, September 29, 2014

Everything I Know For Sure

Yes girls this will be one of those rambling from the heart, glimpse of the diary type of posts(this is a repost).
I love the last line on the sign, "Don't even think about it".
But do you?
Do you think about climbing over the rail to challenge yourself to do something amazing? Something thrilling, exhilarating?
Something that fills your heart to the brim and then 
over flows and you can't hold it with a bucket?

I do, but.....
It still terrifies me.
At 46 now 48, I'm realizing all those things that held me back for so many years are the same things most of us struggle with but don't reveal. How many opportunities are lost because of our fears? I hate to think of what Ive missed because of the inner voice that kept saying, "be careful" and "what if". And why is it so hard to reveal those things.

 Undoubtedly, more fear.

Fear of not being accepted and being hurt even more. Let's face it life is hard and throws some whopper curve balls BUT, you'd be surprised at what you can over come, even conquer if you trust in yourself and face some of those fears.
This picture represents 2 completely different things to me:
1. Its beautiful, captivating, serene. Gazing at the water has a calming effect. Breathing in the air as I took this picture filled me with peace. Beauty was all around me and I was safe behind the rail.

2. An element of the unknown, invoking a bit of anxious thoughts. Clearly the terrrain is steep, rocks are below in the water and a wrong step could be disastrous. I wanted to hike down below but was unsure of my footing. I was just plain scared!

Do you remember a time in your life when you were fearless?
Have you ever felt invincible? What were the circumstances surrounding those feelings?
For me it was when I was a kid. I could do anything. I climbed on the roof, picked up a snake and swam in the ocean(until I saw Jaws, then it took another 20 years and a scuba tank to get me back in).

Harness that energy and use it to your advantage.
I finally made my way down, it took a while but I made it. And yes, I was terrified.
I wanted to press on and see the cave below that I had heard rumor of and once there I was excited, the climb was worth it.

On the way I crossed over lots of rocks, got a few splinters from some horrible thorn ridden weeds and slid on my butt in places I couldnt stand.
I was worn out and out of breath.
But I made it and that was all that mattered to me.
Stumbling on the rocks, I lost my balance, got a little bruised but somehow was able to climb back up the trail (which wasnt lined with railing mind you). I have to tell you I came to this beautiful place last year, after a terrible heart breaking experience. I went there seeking solitude and healing. I took more than a year to post this I suppose because I was still learning from the experience and needed to reflect.

Time really does give a fresh 
perspective on life.

I hope you see the allegory within this story.

This is a true story, my story. Maybe similar to your story. Im a fraidy cat, there I said it.

Not any more, not any more.

Despite being bruised, heartbroken and terrified you must continue on the journey.
If you don't you will never know what you are capable of. Your journey WILL inspire others to follow their own path too, its a double blessing. My faith also played a great part in this story. God was with me through the thorns and the rocks and He is with you through whatever you are facing too.

Beautiful girls, you are capable of so much more than you know!

I originally wrote this about a year and half ago. Funny thing is I needed to remind myself that these journeys, no matter how difficult are full of blessings. I hope you are encouraged and blessed! 

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Tackle the Mystery of Social Media.

Pardon our dust, LYC is getting a makeover!
In the meantime visit our new website 

Want to start the business of your dreams? Or, do you already have your dream business but need encouragement, inspiration and tactics to take it to the next level?

 Register for the Mini Launch Soiree on November 7th. We will tackle the mystery of social media and teach you how to use social media to promote and grow your business beyond your wildest dreams!

Register HERE

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

We know something you need to hear!

Do you ever wonder if you're on the right path? Wonder if what you're walking through is normal? Wonder if you should give up your dreams?
Well the Truth Over Tea panel is just what your heart needs and we cant wait to encourage you. You are beautiful and you are so loved and meant for so many good things! We will be sharing at Launch Your Creativity this weekend. Please join us!
Register HERE

Monday, April 21, 2014

This is awesome!

Im thrilled to introduce Linda Pero, singer and song writer. She attended LYC last year with a dream in her heart. She took a leap of faith and decided not to wait any longer to pursue her dreams and now she's back at LYC 
to perform and share with you.

Register now!! Register Here

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Present Your Product Well!

Launch Your Creativity is so proud to welcome Cynthia Shaffer to the speaker's panel. Cynthia has photographed products for over 30 books and has authored 3 of her own. Cynthia will share tips to improve your photography skills for your Website, Etsy site, blog or catalog. Don't miss the event, register now!
Register HERE

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Get published!

Do you dream of getting your work published? Wondering how? 
Don't miss Jenny Doh at the next 
Launch Your Creativity Event!
Jenny Doh; the Visionary, the Artist, the Editor, the Publisher, the Inspiration is speaking at Launch Your Creativity on April 26th! Jenny is the go to authority on all matters of publishing your work whether it be a piece you've authored or art you've created. Don't miss the opportunity to learn from her.

Register HERE

Sunday, April 13, 2014

The Divine Miss Sunday!

Coming to Launch Your Creativity on April 26th!

Sunday Hendrickson, the highly sought after stylist and photographer that has worked on hundreds of magazines and books will share with you how she built a brand on herself! 

So often we don't realize that the best face for our brand is our very own. You are who the public wants to hear from to learn about your service or product. You will be so inspired by Sunday's wisdom. Don't miss the opportunity to hear her as she doesn't speak in southern California often!

Register HERE

Monday, April 7, 2014

Loving Luana!

The Life, The Look, The Legend! Lena Patton, the beauty behind Love, Luana New Vintage Swimwear will be speaking at the next Launch Your Creativity Event on April 25-26th. Lena attended LYC twice as a guest with a dream in her heart to start a line that honored her mother, original surfer girl Luana. Hear her amazing story and learn how she put her dream into action.

Register HERE

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Need Inspiration?

What an absolute privilege it is to have Sylvia Asmussen share her creativity at the next Launch Your Creativity Event on April 25-26th. Sylvia is the owner of Paris Cowgirl and Madam Palooza's styling and prop rental. This event is loaded with amazing talented women that have followed their creative passion and will be sharing their journey to inspire you on yours. 

Register Here

Monday, March 31, 2014

What a lineup!

Can you believe the amazing talent that's going to share with you at the next Launch Your Creativity event!
From left to right:
Lena Patton: Owner Love Luana Vintage Swimwear.
Sunday Hendrickson: Highly sought after Photographer and Stylist.
Melissa Bolton: Branding expert & wordsmith.
Christine Rose Elle: Beauty Maven, Life & Business Coach.
Sharon Hughes: Creator of LYC and Life Coach.
Sylvia Asmussen: Owner Paris Cowgirl & Madaam Palooza Prop Rental.
Cynthia Thompson Shaffer: Author, Photographer, Creative Consultant
Cheryl Turner: Owner Paris In A Cup Tea Salon
Jenny Doh: Publisher, Author, Editor, Artist.
Deb Kennedy: Staging Expert, Author.
Lidy Baars: Owner French GardenHouse.

Please join us for an amazing time of encouragement, inspiration, and putting your dreams into action.

Register HERE

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Welcome Lena Patton!

I'm so excited to tell you Lena Patton owner of Love, Luana Vintage Swimwear will be speaking at the next Launch Your Creativity Event on April 25-26! Lena originally attended LYC with a dream in her heart to design a vintage swimwear line in honor of her late mother, Luana. Watch her video about her amazing journey of creativity and faith!

For more information about Lena's product line visit HERE

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Want to be INSPIRED?

Are you thinking about those dreams that are tucked away deep in your heart? Wondering if you should pursue them? Wondering where to start? If you answered yes to any of those questions I want to encourage you to join me at the next Launch Your Creativity Event on April 25-26th. As a Certified Life Coach, business owner and a mom, I understand how hard it is to take the next step and answer the whispers in your heart. 

Let's be honest's scary and it's a big challenge.

So you know what I did? I pulled together an amazing group of women that are just like you and I to encourage you.
They aren't just good at what they do, they are the best at what they do. Do you know why? Because everyday they get up and even though the dog threw up on the carpet and the plumbing is out and there's no milk in the fridge, they decide to be their best and impact the world around them.

Here is a peek inside last year's LYC Event:

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Cynthia Thompson Schaffer

Launch Your Creativity is so proud to announce Cynthia Thompson Schaffer 
will be speaking at April's event!
Cynthia Thompson Shaffer

Cynthia has authored, Stash Happy Patchwork  and Stash Happy Applique, (Lark Crafts) that are being sold everywhere books are sold and on Amazon. I have 1 book that I co-authored with Jenny Doh, Serge It, (also Lark Crafts), due out April 1, 2014 but available for pre-order on Amazon. I am currently designing and making projects for my 4th book! I have photographed 25+ books in the past 4 years and am currently photographing 3 more books. I have contributed art to 30+ books and magazines, including cover art for 9. 

I started sewing as a kid, like 6 years old. Santa brought me a little tiny sewing machine for Christmas one year and that pretty much shaped the rest of my life. Soon after, I was knitting, crocheting, oil painting and well, you name it, I've tried it!

Way back when ... before I was married, I owned and manufactured a multi-million dollar line of sportswear that was sold world wide ... including Nordstrom! A few years after I was married, the kids came along and soon I realized that I could not do it all and be good at it all. I like to be good at what I do. So, we, my business partner and I closed our doors. Life changed at that point, but I do not regret for a single day being home with my kids while they were young! 

Upon meeting Cynthia you will feel like you've known her forever. Her warm outlook and can do attitude will give you the courage to tackle your dreams. Visit her here for Inspiration.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Introducing Truth Over Tea!

Im so excited to share a new series, "Truth Over Tea" with you. Last summer a gathered my dear friends and colleagues and we talked about the challenges we face as women, business owners, dreamers, mothers, creative souls, artists and the wisdom that poured out was amazing. I told the girls I had a vision to bring these conversations to you to encourage your heart and every one of them agreed this needed to be done.
Here is the welcome video and what was shared about passing "Traditions".
It is with great honor I introduce the "Truth Over Tea" panelists to you:
 Cheryl Turner, Paris In A Cup Tea Salon
Lidy Baars, FrenchGardenhouse
Deb Kennedy, Homeward Found
And YES, the panel will be at the next Launch Your Creativity Event to encourage your heart. Register at the tab above labeled "Register Here"