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Sharon Hughes has a passion for encouraging women from all walks of life whether they are just starting to find their wings or have flown for years. 

Sharon noticed many years ago there wasn't a sense of camaraderie among women in the creative community but instead a sort of competition that left many feeling less than adequate with their dreams shattered. She believes there is a need to bring women together to be encouraged, taught, inspired and loved.

Drawing from her own life's journey, she shares the ins and outs of running a business  while juggling a family. She covers the  basics to the "Uh oh, that  wasn't part of the plan". Her message is from her heart, sprinkled with anecdotes from her life and mixed with compassion for those who struggle and are broken hearted. "I've  overcome tremendous obstacles in my own life and want other women to know they are not alone in this big crazy world" says Sharon, "that's why I started Launch Your Creativity, 'its a you go girl event.'" 

Guest speakers with different areas of business expertise share their knowledge of what worked for them and what didn't. It has been called a life changing event by attendees who left feeling with a sense of sisterhood and "I can do this" they'd never experienced before.

Sharon is the owner of Pansy Cottage Garden, which started in 2003 when she was approached by an interior decorator  to sew a few things for her shop and design clients. In 2008 she launched her first collection of aprons and table linens  at the L.A. Mart. What started as a small cottage business has grown to serve international clientele.

"As I have been inspired and have learned so much it is now my passion to share what I have learned with others."

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"Launch Your Creativity"

"What would you do if you knew you could not fail"?
You simply must do it beautiful girl, its who you are!