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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Entrepreneur Succeeds With Wit and Grit

'It's all about being creative,' says Tina Aldatz, who faced her now-or-never moment and landed on her feet.
When Tina Aldatz lost her job at an internet startup in 2001, she gave full rein to her entrepreneurial ambitions. She'd been thinking about creating a designer insole that looked good and felt better than other insoles on the market. "I decided it was now or never," she says. "I gave myself a really strict timeline: I needed to make something happen within six months, or I needed to go get another job."
Aldatz burned her feet as a child, so wearing heels was even more excruciating for her than it was for most young women. And yet, working in the fashion industry, chic heels were an important part of her daily life. She had to do something nobody else was going to do.

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Rita said...

What a great story and woman. Rita

Jenelle Van de Mortel said...

What an inspiration!

Simply Stated ~ Rebecca said...

Fabulous story! Thank you so much for sharing Sharon...what inspiration!
~ Rebecca