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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Sprinkles of Magic

The idea for Sprinkles of Magic, LLC started pretty much by accident when Owner and President, Kim Nelson was sitting in her young son’s bedroom opening Christmas cards.  Kim was settling in for the night, reading stories with her son and had Christmas cards with her to open.  It was the late 80’s and confetti was very popular to include in greeting cards and some Santa confetti from one of the cards fell to the floor.  The next morning he discovered the “magic Santa Dust” and proclaimed that Santa had indeed visited in the night and had left a little bit of magic to let him know that he had been a good boy.

Kim says that at that moment she was inspired by his imagination and creativity and continued the tradition…Santa Dust has been part of the Christmas tradition in the Nelson home ever since…and the magic didn’t stop there.  With any and every opportunity, little moments were celebrated.  The tooth fairy just couldn’t leave just money, there was also a trail of Tooth Fairy Dust from the bed to the window sill where the tooth fairy had departed.  Bedtime stories were greeted with Sweet Dreams Dust and birthday celebrations always included sparkly confetti.

Kim would make magic confetti potions for friends and family.  Her Santa Dust idea was then published in First Magazine in December 2005  and decided to launch Sprinkles of Magic in January 2006 featuring Santa Dust, Tooth Fairy Dust, Sweet Dreams Dust and Fairy Dust. “I contacted a sales rep firm and they were delighted and enthusiastic to represent my product” says Kim “and Sprinkles of Magic has grown and is sold in over forty toys and gift shops across the United States.   “The first trade show was intimidating” admits Kim, “this product comes from my heart and is very personal-I wanted it to sell out of love”.

This year was big for Sprinkles as they celebrated their fifth year in business and introduced “Digits”, hand made felted finger puppets.   There are four different sing-a-long sets that were designed to allow parents to just sit and enjoy the pure magic of being with their children.   Kim says, “I realized raising my children is magical…I think that I have been tapping into my children’s  ability to find the magic of the little moments and making it my own…it’s pretty simple!”
 To view Kim's product line and for ordering information visit her

I hope you've been inspired by Kim's story. She is a dear friend of mine and is proof again that you can make your business dream happen.

~Follow Your Creative BLISS~

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Anonymous said...

A wonderful Mom and wonderful business adventure so proud of you, Kim! DEDE Drucker