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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

"Cuff Cakes"

 Meet Anokah, the beauty with a brain for business!

Anokah, also known as the Bedazzle Queen, is finally ready to share her glitz,
bedazzling and embellishing with the world! Born in New York, Anokah always
had a passion for accessorizing and embellishing, highly inspired by the diversity
around her. Whether it was adding colored buttons and hand-stitched
embroideries to her Catholic School uniform (which didn’t go over well with the
nuns), she always tried to set herself apart from the crowd.

After receiving her graduate degree from Parsons, The New School of Design, she worked as a
ready to wear designer for womens and childrenswear. As her advisers quickly
saw, her strengths lay in the creative aspect of design. She gradually was
appointed to head all embellishments and wardrobe styling, as well as multimedia
trend presentations for the company. Honing in on her talent for
embellishments, she soon began custom designs for top American & European
Designers, as well as A-list celebrities and musicians. Anokah's natural gift soon
earned her the title "Bedazzle Queen" by her associates. Eventually, upon
receiving an overload of requests to create embellished accessories, M. Belishe,
(pronounced embellish) was born.
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Tel: 732.690.9723; 646.389.1709

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