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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Follow Your Rainbow

Its been a rainy day here in So Cal., the perfect weather for curling up with
 a good book and hot chocolate.
This is the hillside across from my house, I love the way the 
evening sunset casts is golden glow on it.

So I was driving home from shuttling the kids around and saw this beautiful rainbow. I was driving straight towards it and for one magical moment I was lost in childhood memories of chasing rainbows. I can remember riding my bicycle and really believing that somehow I could catch it. 

I remembered the joy and excitement of the chase.
And then there was dissapoinment
until the next time it rained and I would try all over again.

My friends, as you know I want my blog to encourage you and 
inspire you to chase your dreams.

DREAMS unlike rainbows can be chased and can be caught.
As you start on that journey of pursuing your dreams stop and ask yourself, "What am I chasing? Is it worth catching? Will I be satisfied once I have it or longing for something else? What do I need to let go of in order to catch my rainbow?"

Only You can answer those questions. Only You can define what your dream 
looks like when attained.
My sweet friends I wish you days filled with magical rainbows.

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Jody and Stan said...

Dear Sharon,
I meet you last year with my daughter, Carly at the Launch Your Creativity luncheon, April 9 ,2011. I learned so much that day about myself and what I could try to a accomplish if I really wanted to. Being 60 years old I wasn't sure. I also met Meryl Schoenbaum and Hillary Black from Romantic Homes Magazine. I sent in an idea to the magazine about Parisian switch plate covers to their we love/ make it article and they accepted it and I'm in the March 2012 issue. I feel I need to thank you for inspiring me that day with your story and how never to give up and always dream. Thank you so much.
Sincerely, Jody Gabara