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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Fabulous Panelist!

I am thrilled to welcome Christine Rose Elle to 
Launch Your Creativity.

Christine Rose Elle is a writer, stylist and well-being expert. After twenty years of enduring an ongoing stress related illness, she walked away from a successful career as a designer and wardrobe stylist to pursue a dream. She sold her three bedroom home and five closets of Betsey Johnson clothing to live la dolce vita in Rome, Italy. Her quest for radiant well-being and personal growth has continued ever since she downsized to two suitcases.

She now lives in Los Angeles with her beloved husband and two dogs where is writes daily from her clutter-free pink office, and is happy to say her illness has been dormant since she made the pursuit of serenity her number one priority.

She is a self-proclaimed glamour girl, but her idea of glamour is not what you wear on the outside, but how sparkly you feel on the inside. She is currently working on her first book The Sparkling Self: A Glamour Girls’ Guide to Well-being. She shows a step-by-step process for her readers to recognize their true talents and share them with others in a way that is meaningful.

She writes about well-being and how to live a radiant lifestyle for her website and is a featured blogger on In addition, her how-to articles have been published in several magazines.

It is her life’s purpose to listen deeply to the world, continue to grow, and to be inspired by others.
Her motto: “Everything you need for inner sparkle is already within.”
She loves polka dots and peep toed shoes, and has been known to sigh wistfully when in the presence of anything by Kate Spade or Valentino.

Career Highlights
-School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Fashion design, art history.
-Accademia Italiana
Costume design, Italian language.
·      Designed a line of clothing for several small Chicago boutiques, and participated in runaway fashion shows.
·      Worked for designer Betsey Johnson
·      Windows and mannequin styling for Nordstrom.
·      Wardrobe styling for commercials, print, film.
·      Photo stylist.
·      Wardrobe consultant for individual clientele.
·      Instructor of different themed workshops.
·      Fashion designer.
·      Jewelry designer.
·      Window designer.
·      Artist.
·      Illustrator.
·      Writer.
·      Wellbeing expert.
Don't miss the opportunity to unleash your inner glamour girl and define your own personal style with Christine's contagious bubbly outlook on life!

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