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Sunday, November 11, 2012

An Encore Performance!

Jane Button of Design 2 Market success
I am so excited to tell you that Jane Button of Design 2 Market Success will be returning to Launch Your Creativity!

Jane Button has a passion for helping creative entrepreneurs turn their creative "BIG IDEA" into the business of their dreams. Calling herself a "born entrepreneur" Jane's first company started in her basement as a cottage industry and went to a National Brand name as a multi-million dollar corporation. When creative business owners began asking for her advice, Jane started her freelance design, consulting & coaching business. 

Jane loves the freedom and opportunity that comes with being an entrepreneur and is a champion for creative entrepreneurs in the apparel, sewn product, knitting, jewelry and craft industry. Over the years, she has worked with The Pleasant Company (now known as AMERICAN GIRL®) Disney ®, Brass Key, Nordstrom, various catalogs, specialty boutiques and department stores, and numerous creative entrepreneurs who have a burning desire to create their own                      business. She has been featured in Barbara Wright Sykes books Pricing Without Fear and Do You Sew for Profit? As well as self published her own books for entrepreneurs, a keynote speaker at the Sewing & Stitchery Expo and other events. Jane freely shares her information in her seminars, workshops and books to help other entrepreneurs learn to be successful.

Understanding the artist and creative process is a key to Jane's success with her students. Because Jane does not believe in the "starving artist" concept her goal is to show creative people how to profit from their passion and fantastic creative ability.

Don't miss the event!

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