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Sunday, April 21, 2013

My Cup Runneth Over

To say my cup runneth over is and understatement. Today is filled with relishing in the miracles of yesterday's magic. It truly was a perfect day, I couldn't have dreamed for more. Paris In A Cup was filled to the brim with amazing, talented and powerful women that came to share their hearts and wisdom with Launch Your Creativity's guests. A common thread was woven through each of the 8 speaker's presentation that sent a clear message of staying true to yourself and more importantly believing in yourself even when you're walking through the very difficult things in life. 

I'm so blessed to have had the privilege of spending the day encouraging these precious ladies whose hearts are bursting with dreams. But really Im the one walking away overwhelmed by the deep compassion, the willingness to be transparent, and the amazing stories I heard that were not only inspiring but truly authentic and raw. This is what the world desperately needs; unedited truth and being the voice that leaves behind those whispers in the hearts of others that give them the strength to stand for who they are and to dare to give their dreams wings. 

I am forever grateful to my panel of speakers who are filled with integrity and authenticity. Ladies, you nailed it, Im so, so proud of you!Thank you Debi Ward-Kennedy, Debi Beard, Tara Wilson, Jenny Doh, Lidy Baars, Jane Button, Chrisitne Rose Elle and Cheryl Turner!

The fabulous speaker's bios can be seen HERE

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Debbie Pender said...

I left Saturday with my heart so full of new hope and confidence that it was hard to put into words. From the moment I walked into Paris in a Cup, to each passionate, inspiring speaker, was like being a beautiful dream, that I didn't want to end.
I felt like a princess!!
I can't wait to come back!