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Thursday, May 19, 2011

I'm Ashley from The Shine Project, and I need you to help me CHANGE the world.

Yes, I said it, we CAN change the world!
I started my blog The Shine Project at the beginning of the year to motivate everyone to go after their DREAMS.
I wanted a place where people could come to feel supported, inspired, and encouraged.
I wanted to see how much good we could do in the lives of those around us, and see changes.
To do this, I started doing weekly SHINE CHALLENGES.
Each Monday, I post a challenge that pushes us out of our comfort zones.
From doing something you've never done, to writing a note to a teacher who's influenced you,
the goal is to get us to STOP procrastinating, and do these things NOW!

I also set up service projects so we can all SHINE in our communities. YOU all have the opportunity to be a SHINE service leader in your city! 3 weeks ago we did a clothing drive for a domestic violence shelter in downtown Phoenix,and spent a few hours organizing their donation center. It was AMAZING to team up with people around Arizona who wanted to spread their light to those who needed to be helped out of darkness.

This is what YOU have the potential of doing.
The Shine Project is coming to SAN DIEGO, June 11th for a big beach clean up!
JUNE 11th is the day for us ALL to help clean our communities, whether you can make it to Mission Beach or not!

(email me at for details)
I believe that all of us can use our talents to influence the world for GOOD.
As a daily reminder, I created SHINE necklaces to motivate us.
$1 from each one sold goes to The Shine Project Scholarship Fund which will give a scholarship
to an inner city highschool student in January 2012. SHINE t-shirts are also available.

Raise your hand if you've ever had a dream that you've put on the shelf. Raise it higher...I'm right there with you! Could you imagine what would happen if we all lived up to our potential?

Let's make the world SHINE.
Come join me! 

If that didn't inspire you, I don't know what will! Get involved, SHINE!!!


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Vintage Chic Delights said...

What a lovely post! Ashley has a beautiful smile and warm heart for a great cause.