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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Artist Johnny Petros

Artist Johnny Petros
 There was a small vintage print of a girl my mother had on her wall. I used to take it down once in a while and just stare at it. I was captivated by it wondering how someone could make something so beautiful.

Recognizing that beauty, during my youth is what fueled my passion to want to create something. I spent my young childhood drawing faces and figures. 
 After High School I had various jobs and began doing commissioned portraits on the side. I remember how I would work an 8 hour shift and come home and paint for hours. I believe when you're doing something you love there is an endless supply of energy that comes with it.
 I worked for 30 years and did commissioned artwork on the side, wishing and dreaming of the day when I could just paint.  Now I have my own site Salone Di Petros where I have my art gallery to showcase my original work. I sell my paintings through Ebay commerce. 
 At Fine Art America I am able to offer my prints as well as cards. I am currently working on Zazzle products- T-shirts, stationary and many items designed with my artwork, and in the process of working on an online store. 
 I didn't take art classes in high school or go to college I merely had an incredible passion to want to create, and to finally at 48 to be able to solely do what I love is an incredible experience. If there is one thing I believe is anyone, whatever their passion may be, they should try to make room for it in their life. To me a person's passion is what keeps their heart forever young. To believe in yourself and follow your heart with determination, any dream can become a reality and any passion can be turned into a business.

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XO Sharon


Amy Benoit said...

YOU ARE TRULY GIFTED FROM GOD!!!!Wow, Your work is incredibly amazing.You are on my list to buy from.It is amazing to see the different talents that God gives people.God Bless, Amy

Debi said...

Gorgeous work Jonny!

jonny j petros said...

Thank you so much Sharon for including my story on your beautiful site.Thank you Amy and Debi I truly appreciate your Comments.