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Monday, August 8, 2011

Martha Cook aka Martha's Favorites

Blogland is a very special places where friends meet and relationships are formed. We encourage our blog-sisters and are inspired and encouraged. Last April one of my friends from Blogland came to Launch Your Creativity. 
I'd never met a Blogland friend face to face so this was extra special. 
Here is Martha's story told in her own words:

January 1st, marked the beginning of my 3rd year of blogging. "Why do you blog?" I can't tell you how many people have asked me this, (well, maybe one or two) especially my family. I recently told my first daughter the number of people who actively follow my blog and you know what she said? Well, I will tell you. "Mom, you are not that interesting!" She is my encourager! Bless her heart, Lord! She lifts me up when I am down! Monique is the one who says, "Mom, if something happens to you, everything is going to be sold in a yard sale, so price it!" Monique taught me that "Pretty Vintage Things", are just that, pretty vintage things. Her bluntness has always served me well. 

I had been a "blogger peeping tom" for over a year.  These ladies looked like they were having a wonderful life. Dreams were coming true for them. On January 1, 2009, I started by blog, Martha's Favorites! Confessions of a Serial Collector. I blogged (Is that a word?) of a great sadness in my life and it helped. I was bluntly honest with myself (important). No one was reading my blog anyway, so who cared?   Slowly joy came, so did followers. People who loved me for just me. Not what I could do for them. Ladies who visit, just because! Weird huh? Today, my reason for blogging has not changed. The only difference now is, I am not sad. When I count my blessings, I count my friends in Blogland as part of them.
As long as I can remember I have wanted to own my own store.  An on line store, where I could sell my collections as my interests change. (Believe me, my interest change a lot!)  A place where I could share the wonderful things that I have found on my treasure hunting trips. There are so many wonderful stores in Blogland. I wanted to be one of them. I am a "Serial Collector", but not a hoarder (yet)!  My gift is treasure hunting. (I bet you did not know it was a "gift".)  Because of my blog, NBC's "It's Worth  What!?" came to my home to film some of my collections.
I met Sharon through my blog last year. She personally invited me to attend "Launch Your Creativity."  She was so nice to me I wanted to go just to meet her. I told her my dreams of having an on line store. She even told me to get business cards so I could network like everyone else.  My world was so small, I wanted so much to expand it. When I arrived to the tea, Sharon, came up to me and gave me a big hug. She instantly knew me because of my picture on my blog. I felt so welcomed.

 Launch Your Creativity, changed my life. During the event I took notes, I followed directions, I was encouraged. I felt with God's help,  that dreams could come true. On July 2011, I opened my store. "Pretty Vintage Things" by Martha's Favorites!

I have worked so hard at learning to manage it. I am still very new at it all.  I have a little card that was given out at that event.  The note reads: "Launch Your Creativity," "Follow Your Dreams, Anything IS Possible."  It sits on my desk so I can read it every day.

Sometimes my life feels like a fairy tale. Like a story, with a happy ending. Who would have thought all this could happen over tea?  
Hugs, Martha

~Follow Your Creative BLISS~ 
XO Sharon


Rita said...

Hugs to Martha! See you October 1st. Ciao Rita

Amber said...

Martha is adorable! I met her at Launch too and her personality is just like her writing. Sweet!
xo, Amber

Creative Grammie said...

Aloha Martha,
This is such a sweet story, I just love it!
I love this photo of you, you're a beautiful woman.
Big hug going your way!