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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

An Italian Girl in Georgia shares her Dreams

Suzanne MacCrone, "Italian Girl in Georgia"

As a young girl, my parents always encouraged my creativity. From a
very early age, I would enter art contests that the community sponsored
and submit my creations to the county fair. When I was about eight years
old growing up near the beach in California and playing in the creeks, I
found smooth river rocks which I painted. Always wanting to do
something creative with my hands and also a little entrepreneurial, I sold
these painted rocks as paper weights to people on the beach and at the
annual Fourth of July parade in our village.

When I learned to sew in the seventh grade and got a Singer sewing
machine {the one I still use to this day}, I stayed up late at night sewing
new clothes ~ changing the patterns, using scraps of fabric for extras, like
Annie Hall-style neckties, vests, and belts. In the morning I had a new
outfit to wear to school.

Then I started college the practical side of me led me to focus my studies
in the sciences, for I had always wanted to enter the medical field and
become a doctor. After three years of science labs at UC Berkeley I
realized that this was not my calling and took my first studio architecture
course. I could not have been happier in any other major. It was a
perfect blend ~ the artistic side combined with the technical side of
architecture and design. I graduated with a major in architecture two
years later.

Soon after graduating from college, I set my sites on graduate school and
began pursuing graduate studies in interior and architectural design in
Italy. This is where my love of interior design and photography blossomed.
After returning to the States I earned my Masters of Fine Arts degree in
interior design, focusing on the re-use of old buildings while taking classes
in fabric design; paper making and bookbinding; the history of Twentieth
Century photography; and furniture design. 

As a graduate student I taught color and materials; architectural drawing; and furniture design. It was also about this time shortly before, during, and after graduate
school that I began painting again and partnered with my mother
creating a small business of hand painted stationery and gift items, as well
as painted decorative accessories for the home and garden. For nearly
fifteen years I hand painted everything in our collection as we
participated in national trade shows. I was fortunate to also have some of
my art, design, and photography licensed on a wide range of products
including home goods, fine art prints, and stationery.

However, over time my creativity was getting lost and the painting had
become production. I became weary and uninspired and had little time
to create anything new or pursue any other adventures in the arts.
Traveling to gift shows around the country gave me a fabulous
opportunity to travel throughout the United States and other countries. All
the while I kept my camera close by and began making new art with this
medium. This became my new creative outlet.

When I moved to Georgia to marry my husband it was time for me to
resign from my position at my painting table. I no longer wanted to be a
production painter. My new project was the restoration of an old house ~
the former home of my husband’s grandparents that was now ours. I was
embraced with a house that was in great need of some tender loving
care and a lot of restoration.

I am fortunate to have the privilege of being able to work from my
beautiful home {at times with my son by my side coloring, drawing and
painting on his own and my bunny Gucci hopping around my feet} and
also have the opportunity to interact and work in person with my clients in
the field.

Now I balance both my interior design work with all the fun stuff that keeps
my mind awake {sometimes too much so in the middle of the night}. I
have the luxury of enjoying the process of design and making or painting
something knowing that I will have to do it hundreds of times again. It’s
the process of the design, the creation of something new, useful, and
beautiful that inspires me. Once I have made it I want to move on to
another idea or project.

I’m not sure what I enjoy most ~ creating a three dimensional space using
my interior design and architectural skills such as a restaurant where the
guests become part of “my” stage or…photography where I can capture
a moment in time and create a memory…or creating a one of a kind
piece of art that someone can cherish or…sewing and designing an
entire collection that organically evolves as each individual piece is

I believe that I thrive on it all and could not nor would not want to live life
without some form of art or creativity as an integral part of my everyday
life. When you are a creative person, there are no boundaries.

Last year I was asked on two separate occasions by two different people
who left comments on my blog, “Who is my muse?” I think of this question
often, although I have never answered it directly. Perhaps it’s as simple as
the beauty of my everyday life; my son whose curiosity and interest in the
littlest things enchant me; the encouragement of my husband and family;
and my love of creativity and design.

If you would like to contact Suzanne or view her beautiful photography here are the links:

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Simply Stated ~ Rebecca said...

Suzanne ~ I have long been an admirer....Your work and photography are both beautiful and inspirational. Loved reading your story and learning more about you and your journey. Continued success! Rebecca

Sonia said...

Ahh, Another wonderful and creative soul. Loved reading about Suzanne!! Thank you so much Sharon for introducing so many wonderful people!!

Italian Girl in Georgia said...

Thank you Sharon for the honor of being featured on your lovely and inspirational blog. I am in fine company ~ I know that for sure!

Thank you Rebecca for your sweet comments and Sonia too.