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Monday, January 16, 2012

Paula of Castle & Cottage

Like many entrepreneurs my business started as a hobby, just painting signs for friends and family. It seemed the more I painted & created, the more I wanted to paint & create. Soon selling my signs became inevitable and I've never looked back!

I suppose my success can be attributed in large part because I never allowed myself to doubt what I was doing. I've always had my heart in this which has been the one thing that made all the difference. Of course the support of my loving husband and family was a huge part, but once they realized where my heart was, (and itwas staying there!)...they began rallying around me and supported me all the way.

I took a lot of chances and gambles along the way- almost always 'wearing my heart on my sleeve' so to speak but I truly never allowed myself to do anything but look forward. If something didn't work, it simply meant I had to find a better way to do it; it never meant 'give up'!

Today I can honestly say that I've reached a place in my business that I've been dreaming of and working towards for almost twenty years. That may seem like a long time but when I look back I realize that every moment was worth it. I wake up each day more anxious than the last and ready to 'work' creating more and creating anew.
Visit Paula at her blog: Castle and Cottage 
To order her fabulous signs:  Castle & Cottage Signs

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Amber said...

Congratulations on your success, Paula! Your signs are amazing and I look forward to one day, owning a personalized one! Thanks for sharing, Sharon!